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Honors College Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

Thesis Type

Honors College

First Advisor

Dr. Douglas Fletcher

Second Advisor

Dr. William Louisos

Third Advisor

Dr. Jason Meyers


TPS, ICP Torch, Materials Screening


This project seeks to create a carousel device that can be used in the plasma torch to rotate through samples while avoiding shutdown procedures. The system relies on a stepper motor in a brass casing to turn a graphite carousel apparatus. Said carousel is capable of holding six samples equally spaced in a circle. The motor is controlled by a computer with software that allows for rotation in either direction, and for any step size. In order to verify that this product works, it was first assessed in the test chamber without plasma. This ensured that the device could properly locate samples within the plasma flow. After clearing that test the device was used in an argon plasma and basic temperature data was taken to ensure that samples experiences the same heating. A similar test was done in a nitrogen-argon mixed plasma. The later test also included a surface volatile scan. While the device worked well in argon, it faltered in nitrogen. Two samples fell, skewing the data. It has been determined that the device is capable of working in lower temperature flows, but more work is required before it will be ready for all the conditions that the torch can create.

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