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Honors College Thesis


College of Education and Social Services (CESS)

Thesis Type

Honors College

First Advisor

Dr. Cynthia Reyes

Second Advisor

Dr. Sean Hurley


Education, Culturally Sustaining Practices, Teacher Perceptions, Qualitative Research, Cultural Capital, Narrative Case Study


In this research study, the author presents her findings about teacher's perceptions of their students and their teaching practices, specifically regarding how they are able to identify and integrate student's cultural assets into instruction and classroom climate. Through three, in-depth interviews, the author constructs narrative case studies about each teacher, informing the life experiences that influence how the educators engage with cultural assets in their classrooms. Using Culturally Founded Pedagogies (Culturally Responsive Teaching, Culturally Sustaining Practices, and Community Cultural Wealth) as an underpinning to the study, the author analyzes the teacher's perceptions in conjunction with the research to highlight how educators might sustain student assets for their future success and liberation. The teacher's perceptions illustrate strength-based, nuanced approaches to culturally competent teaching that both support the existing literature and suggest practices that will better allow teachers to engage with their student's cultural assets in schools.

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