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cultural humility, culture, nursing, education


Cultural humility is the practice of continuous self-reflection and critique where an individual learns about a culture and explores their own personal beliefs and cultural identity. This allows for the deconstruction of biases and assumptions, and the acknowledgment of power imbalances. This in turn helps to build respectful, honest, and trustworthy relationships with others and holds institutions accountable. In the context of the field of nursing, cultural humility plays an important role in creating positive client experiences and healthcare outcomes. Within nursing school accreditation standards, however, cultural humility is not an explicit domain outlined. With that, the incorporation of cultural humility content is up to the discretion of nursing programs and their teaching faculty. The northeastern university where this study took place is an accredited nursing program. This means that the program is deemed qualified to carry out the trade of nursing education by meeting the outlined accreditation standards. Given the variability in cultural humility content incorporation across nursing school curriculums, this project seeks to understand the attitudes of nursing students concerning cultural humility within the curriculum and their clinical experiences through the use of a RedCap survey. The survey yielded 82 responses, mostly from senior nursing students. Of significance, students noted the inclusion of cultural humility education into their courses but advocated for improvements in the approach and quality. Variability among student perceptions should be further investigated to improve the educational landscape within the program and foster cultural humility among prospective healthcare professionals.

Keywords: cultural humility, culture, nursing, education

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