Enriching the Community Medical School Experience: Collaborations in Community Outreach

Laura Haines
Frances Delwiche

Presented at the North Atlantic Health Science Libraries (NAHSL) Annual Conference, 2007


In 1998, the University of Vermont's College of Medicine (COM) and Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) joined forces to create the Community Medical School, an innovative public education program designed to bridge the gap between the institutions on the hill and the communities they serve. The program consists of a series of evening lectures on a wide range of contemporary health topics and the basic science behind them, given each spring and fall by expert UVM and FAHC faculty. In 2004, Dana Medical Library augmented the Community Medical School experience by hosting a display table at each lecture. Initially focusing on selected books from the Library's consumer health collection and reputable health information web sites, the Library's presence in the program has steadily grown, resulting in benefits that have far exceeded the initial goals.