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With the increasing demands of the contemporary healthcare system, providers are spending less time with colleagues in a team environment or engaged in direct patient care. This has been identified as a key factor in physician dissatisfaction and burn out.1 The Story Slam event aims to reconnect providers and trainees with their sense of meaning by focusing attention on their stories. Under the conceptual umbrella of “narrative medicine,” there is growing recognition that the stories that run beneath the medical encounter can provide important insights and represent a pathway to greater well-being for providers.2,3 Our study has a two-fold approach. Initially, it aims to evaluate the concept of venting, sharing, and storytelling as a means of reinvigorating the medical space. Secondarily, it serves as a quality improvement project, given that we hypothesize a renewed sense of accomplishment and a decreased sense of burnout -even if only temporary. This will subsequently lead to increased job satisfaction, improved employee performance, and heightened quality of life.

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