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Abstract: Surgical site infections (SSI) make a significant global contribution to morbidity, mortality, and cost while remaining one of the most preventable causes of healthcare-associated infection. Perioperative antibiotics are a mainstay of prevention, but antibiotics are also associated with cost, risk, and increasing resistance. Dermatology is responsible for more oral antibiotic prescriptions than any other discipline. Despite a trend toward conservative prescribing practices and antibiotic stewardship in dermatology overall, antibiotic prescriptions in dermatologic surgery continue to increase, with a notable rise in short-term perioperative prescribing. There is currently a lack of evidence-based perioperative antibiotic prescribing guidelines within the dermatology literature. Evidence supports the need for specific, up-to-date recommendations regarding antibiotic management in the setting of dermatologic surgery. This QI project aims to review and synthesize current recommendations in the literature and identify best practices for developing standardized, appropriate use criteria for perioperative use of antibiotics in dermatologic surgery.

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