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Objective: To investigate the association between meeting physical activity (PA) recommendations and having ever been told of having a depressive disorder in a cross-sectional sample of Vermont adults.

Methods: Study participants (n = 11,429) were Vermont residents that had answered all required questions from 2015 and 2017 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) telephone surveys. Descriptive and binary logistic analyses were run with PA as the exposure variable and depression as the outcome variable.

Results: Study participants were 44.5% males; 93.2% white/non-Hispanic; 67.6% with some college or more; 46% age 60 or over; 45.8% employed for wages and retired. A significant association between PA and depression was observed (0.669, 0.609 – 0.734) when adjusting for sex, age, employment status, education level, alcohol consumption, current diabetes status, and smoking status. However, a significant association was not observed for educational level (1.011, 0.963 – 1.062) or race (0.893, 0.734 – 1.087).

Conclusions: Our study found that there is an association between meeting the PA recommendations and having ever been told you have depression.

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