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Victoria C Hart


Objective: To examine whether Vermonters’ perceptions of physical health, mental health, and community safety are associated with meeting Healthy Vermonters’ (HV) 2020 goals.1,2,3 Data was collected in 2017 and utilized for the present study, completed May 2020.

Methods: Predictor variables for logistic regression analysis were the 4,393 respondents’ selfreported 1) physical health, 2) mental health, and 3) community safety for walking. Outcome variables were achievement of the HV 2020 goals for 1) aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity and 2) engagement in leisure-time physical activity (LTPA).

Results: The odds of meeting the HV 2020 guidelines for aerobic and muscle strengthening activity for those who ranked their community as “Extremely safe” for walking were higher than for those who ranked their community as “Not at all safe” (OR = 2.48; p = .012). Similarly, the odds of engaging in LTPA were higher for those who ranked their community “Extremely safe” than for those who ranked their community “Not at all safe”. (OR = 1.7; p = .046).

Conclusion: Perception of neighborhood safety appears to be significantly related to meeting physical activity goals.

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