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Charles Mercier



The objective of this study is to evaluate perceived socioeconomic status (SES) and community sense of belonging as risk factors associated with suicide ideation and attempt in Vermont youth.


Using the 2019 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey, we analyzed the impact that perceived SES and community sense of belonging have on suicide ideation and attempt. Two multiple logistic regression models were used to calculate odds ratio and 95% confidence intervals.


We found significant increases in suicide ideation and attempt with low SES and poor community sense of belonging. The odds of suicide ideation and attempt were 8.47 and 8.99 times higher, respectively. The most noteworthy finding came from participants who felt they did not have a community sense of belonging.


These findings were consistent regardless of demographic variables and offer new insight into external factors associated with adolescent suicide risk. Our results support the importance of allocating resources to improve sense of belonging, especially for at-risk groups. Specifically, Vermont High Schools could benefit from community level support for students.

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