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Thomas Delaney


Objectives. To discern a predictive association between sociodemographic variables in a cohort of individuals who died from accidental opioid fatalities between 2015-2019 in Vermont. Methods. Opioid overdose deaths from 2015 to 2019 (n=427) were obtained using Vermont’s Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS). SPSS (Version 29) was used to analyze and identify potential demographic trends that contribute to accidental opioid overdose mortalities.

Results. Chi-squared revealed differences in marital status, sex, educational attainment, age, and rurality (p45 years) (p

Conclusions. These results may be used to drive sociodemographic targeted interventions. More research is needed to investigate the rural demographic specifically, as regression analysis revealed no positive predictors for death in this cohort.

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Available for download on Monday, May 11, 2026