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Rebecca Wolff


Objective: To assess the associations between adolescent obesity and current cigarette, electronic vapor products (EVP), marijuana, and alcohol use in Vermont adolescents.

Methods: We used data from the 2019 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey (YRBS) and included 18,613 Vermont adolescents. A binomial logistic regression model was used to assess the relationship between substance use and obesity controlling for sex, age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, transgender status, and subjective social status.

Results: Current cigarette (OR:1.30, CI:1.16,1.46) and EVP use (OR=1.15, CI:1.07,1.23), and male sex (P<0.001) were associated with higher risk for obesity. A negative association was noted between alcohol use (OR=0.91, CI:0.85,0.98) and obesity risk.

Conclusions: Previous studies have also linked current cigarette and EVP use to higher risk for obesity. Our observed negative association of current alcohol use could be missing heavy binge drinkers. Additional analysis is needed to study associations between marijuana and race and obesity.

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