A survey of arthropod pests and disease was conducted on farms throughout New England and New York during the 2020 field season in order to qualify the species composition of arthropod and disease pest on industrial hemp. Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis sativa L. The crop is one of historical importance in the U.S. and reemerging in worldwide importance as manufacturers seek hemp as a renewable and sustainable resource for a wide variety of consumer and industrial products. Today, industrial hemp is re-emerging as a locally grown product in the U.S. There is little data on pest and diseases of industrial hemp in New England and New York, and this survey was intended to help identify common pests that growers may encounter. Eighteen industrial hemp farms participated in the scouting program, which allowed growers to develop scouting schedules and become effective in disease and arthropod identification and management leading to higher quality crops.


Vermont, University of Vermont, hemp pest and disease, hemp ipm

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