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The Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard 2.0 project explores an inclusive, decolonizing approach to advance sustainability in Hawaiʻi through the value of data and communications to inspire action. Due to its isolated location, rich biodiversity and natural and cultural resources, and strong and committed leadership and communities, Hawaiʻi is uniquely positioned to be a leader in sustainability, and to develop placed-based practices for sustainable living that can inspire others to create unique sustainable practices for their communities. This project seeks to advance sustainability outcomes through developing innovative community data capture mechanisms and compelling data visualizations for the State’s online open-data Dashboard which tracks Hawaiʻi’s sustainability goals - the Aloha+ Challenge - and serves as a mechanism for transparency, accountability, and action. This next phase of the Dashboard will be called “Dashboard 2.0”. The increased interactivity and engagement of communities and the next generation in sustainability efforts will advance these sustainability goals that have global context and prepare the next generation of leaders to continue to create a more sustainable future for Hawaiʻi and beyond. The success of the innovation and development of the new features for Dashboard 2.0 will be measured by feedback from users including Hawaiʻi practitioners, government, students, educators, and civil society.


Matthew Kolan, PhD

Shadiin Garcia, PhD

Rebecca Stanfield McCown, PhD