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My aspiration for this project was to create a safe space for women with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in the Northern Nevada/Tahoe community to come together and share their stories and connect outside the walls of medical facilities. I was motivated to do this project by by desperate search for a resource like this and feeling constantly alone in my struggles with T1D. For me it was important the group was created for all persons identifying as female, and that it was an in person experience. Research has shown that women’s spaces are generative in a different way than co-ed spaces (Wolf, 2013). There is an abundance of online communities to turn to for resources and advice, but nothing in Reno that was offering what I and other women I met needed; inperson time with someone who gets it, cares, and understands. Having someone to laugh with about moments only another diabetic could understand, and just knowing there are others like you, not just behind a computer screen somewhere, but just down the road from you, is enough in moments to not feel quite alone. Isn't that what life's all about? Connecting with others on this great adventure through life.

Program Director

Matthew Kolan, PhD

Your non-Rubenstein School Graduate Faculty Committee Member

Shadiin Garcia, PhD

Karen Tronsgard-Scott

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