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This capstone project has been transformational, a journey to courage. My project was focused on assisting Latino migrants to the U.S. to create a sustainable food system and support their physical, mental and economic wellbeing during Covid-19. In this project, I applied observational and quantitative methods. Through this process, I was able to discover my capacity for self-awareness, leading by example and the heart. Outcomes of my capstone project included the development of an eight-session seminar on sustainable food production in collaboration with the Missouri University Extension that was attended by 240 participants from nine different countries. Additionally, I supported several people to grow their own food with sustainable agriculture techniques in the United States, Ecuador, and other countries in Latin America. These outcomes were made possible by exercising relational leadership and cooperative work. This capstone project showed me what it means to work within a community; if we take care of our community, they take care of us (reciprocity). This journey has been a process guided by my core values and unity, which has helped me to combine my passion to serve communities with personal and professional growth.

Program Director

Matt Kolan, Ph.D.

Professional Affiliate Coach

Sayra Pinto, Ph.D.

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