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I began this project as an inquiry about the wisdom of children. I began by centering their experience because I’ve always been inspired and shaped by it. Understanding how we show up to their experience, reveals a body of knowledge that represents who we are and where we are in our development as leaders, mentors, and role models.

I observed my teaching practices closely and found new ways of listening to my internal practices. I found that being in relationship with the natural world, being in relationship with my body and my creativity, were essential in strengthening my teaching practices. Most importantly, developing these relationships allowed me to name love as a fundamental part of my work and practice. Being able to name this, has allowed me to confront my own habits rooted in patriarchy, specialness, and systems of domination.

Love is the way inward and forward, at the sight of oppression or as a witness of inspiration.

Program Director

Matt Kolan Ph.D.

Professional Affiliate Coach

Britt Yamamoto Ph.D.

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