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This report discusses a six-month-long experiment in community gathering and growing, and the people, practices, and processes that supported it. These gatherings were an inquiry into right relationship – a web of relations characterized by mutual care, solidarity, and willing accountability – and an attempt to create a space where humans, vegetables, soils and more might discover surprising ways to nourish and support each other. In addition to convening these bi-weekly gatherings, this project included regular check-ins with my co-leader and partner Erika. This practice at vulnerable, open-ended sharing was a chance for reflection and mirroring that have allowed some loving light to shine onto my learning edges and pitfalls on the path towards right relationship. This report explores the combination of that reflexive practice with the gatherings themselves and chronicles my slowly emerging understanding of the listening and humility required for relational leadership and to receive the wisdom of humans, plants and the land.

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Matt Kolan, PhD.

Professional Affiliate Coach

Sayra Pinto, PhD.

Your non-Rubenstein School Graduate Faculty Committee Member

Heather Laine Talley, Ph.D

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