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My project began as an exploration of binary thinking in service to moving towards more inclusive ways of thinking and being. This inquiry took several serpentine and unexpected twists. Along the way, I uncovered familial narratives and discovered how my relationship with shame was influencing how I showed up in the world, specifically, how I dealt with issues of accountability.

My deeper inquiry into my own accountability led me to look at my relationship with feedback, from both external and internal sources. By tuning in to somatic and emotional sensations, I was able to initiate The Pause, my interruption of unconscious patterns, which allowed me to observe myself and recenter, when necessary.

Strengthening the region of the brain responsible for The Pause is something humans can learn, practice, and incorporate into daily life, enhancing our abilities to think creatively and with fewer limitations. As I continue my explorations, I move towards my desire of achieving a more expansive and inclusive way of thinking and more importantly, being.

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Matt Kolan, PhD.

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Heather Laine Talley

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Jennifer Lentfer

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