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This report documents explorations along the lines of rooting in self, healing of relationships, and the discernment needed to balance and hold healing within material conditions of loss and fracture. I have understood healing within this project as a self and source contained conversation that can be initiated and awakened by the call of love, and extended through gestures of care. This report explores the relationship between creativity, love, place, and gestures of the possible. Included here are descriptions of my methods, outcomes and results, evaluation and assessment of the project, key learnings and new questions. I designed this project with the hope that it would become a thing and in fact the process offered me a portal for healing and discerning how to shape future processes capable of holding others in their healing processes of divesting from institutions that bind us, and growing the creative freedom within that will support and grow cultural continuity and expression. This document reveals a process that has brought me to a new beginning, a new entry point into my own work and story

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Matthew Kolan, PhD.

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Sharon Bridgforth

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Heather Laine Talley

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Available for download on Thursday, August 08, 2024