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Caravana de los Sueños is a project that opens up spaces for collective grieving, healing and dreaming in relation to el golpe militar and subsequent dictatorship in Chile. This is a history I carry with me. I am returning to it now, 50 years later, with the intention of opening up spaces for speaking through our silences, to share our grief and loss, our guilt and shame, our terror and rage. It is also to share our deepest longings and dreams so that they may be nourished by the warmth of our connection. The questions guiding this project are: How do we attend and attune to our grief, loss and brokenness in such a way that will open up spaces for generative possibilities to emerge? What becomes possible when we turn to each other in our grief and loss? What powers will we unleash when we make meaning, make politics, and make worlds together? Through the practices of being with and moving with those impacted by el golpe, I came to understand for this work to be generative it requires and invites us to move slowly and at the scale of intimacy, to practice deep and embodied listening, so that we may follow the thread of what is emerging among those involved.

Program Director

Heather Laine Talley, Ph.D.

Professional Affiliate Coach

Antoinette Tellez-Humble

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