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Albouystown is a community in Georgetown (Guyana) where the issue of improper waste disposal is so significant that the community oftentimes experiences excessive flooding due to drain networks being clogged with garbage from continuous littering by residents. This project explored how perceptions of and attitudes towards waste management in Albouystown have been shaped by and are rooted in structures, ideologies, dynamics and histories which are unique to the community. The project explored the benefits of promoting dialogue to investigate an existing community issue. Through this process, it became clear that systems of racial oppression and political marginalisation have negatively affected solid waste management systems and wider development in Albouystown. These community conversations have also helped to support the community in acting to overcome these challenges with a desired outcome of empowerment and sustainability for Albouystown.

Program Director

Matthew Kolan, Ph.D.

Your non-Rubenstein School Graduate Faculty Committee Member

Britt Yamamoto, Ph.D.

Mistinguette Smith

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