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This project involved the evolution and continued development of Soilful City, an organization in D.C. that uses food and farming as a social change agent. Soilful City views farming as a way to cultivate food and sovereignty for communities and to cultivate, heal, and rebuild our souls. The organization utilizes the agricultural and political principles of agroecology to work in solidarity with under-resourced communities to develop a collective consciousness about restoring bodies, families, communities, and the land. This project focused on three central components: 1) the clear articulation of Soilful’s cosmology, 2) the development of a theory of change, and 3) a series of actions to increase organizational visibility and strengthen networks and relationships. Each of these initiatives required significant collaboration and community involvement and provided an opportunity for Soilful City to grow in ways that align with the organization’s core values. These efforts have resulted in a stronger organization and has raised Soilful City’s visibility in important ways that have allowed the organization to more effectively put its vision and mission into action.

Program Director

Matthew Kolan, PhD

Your non-Rubenstein School Graduate Faculty Committee Member

Pablo Bose, PhD

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees

Pia Infante

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