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Walter Poleman, PhD

Simon Jorgenson, PhD

Anthony D'Amato, PhD

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Maple syrup production is a very important aspect of Vermont life and history. Every year in the early spring, people of all ages find their way to the woods to tap trees, collect sap, and participate in the great tradition of producing maple syrup. Maple syrup production is an essential industry from a historical, cultural, agricultural, and economic perspective. As the industry continues to grow, it creates potential employment opportunities for people of all ages, including recent high school graduates.

Through a collaboration between Vermont high school agriculture/natural resources instructors, the UVM Extension Maple Specialist, Shelburne Farms, and the UVM Ecological Planning Program, a FFA Maple Career Development Event (CDE) and maple reference manual were developed primarily for use by Vermont Career and Technical Center educators and students. A CDE is a competition designed to both test skill development and to prepare high school students for careers in the area of focus. The maple manual was designed to provide up-to-date, science-based information on maple syrup production, to create consistency between curriculum taught at different high schools, and to serve as a reference to prepare students for the Maple CDE. This project provides high school educators with the necessary resources to better prepare students to become effective maple syrup producers, bringing this traditional product and skill into the next generation.