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Deane Wang, PhD

Sid Bosworth, PhD

Mary Sisock, PhD

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The Friends of the Horticulture Farm is a non-profit organization “dedicated to protecting, enhancing, and promoting the significant plant collections and natural areas of the UVM Horticulture Research and Education Center in South Burlington, Vermont for education, research, and public enrichment”. My project seeks to help The Friends of the Horticulture Farm determine how to revitalize their relationship with the community of the greater Burlington area. My primary goal has been to provide direction and recommendations that will help to increase community engagement and meet the educational potential of the Horticulture Farm. To achieve this goal, I have met with community members, visited other horticultural facilities, and interviewed people involved with outdoor educational programming. My final assessment makes recommendations in four arenas of community engagement: service learning, community service, workshops and classes, and self-guided adventures. I have compiled my findings and recommendations in a document to serve as a resource for The Friends of the Horticulture Farm as they work to grow and rejuvenate the community role of the Horticulture Farm.