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Using Machine Learning to Evaluate Biomechanics of Those Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Dakota A. Allen, University of Vermont

Biosecurity Education Thought Augmented Reality Simulations

Robby Michael Beattie Jr

Survey of neuromusculoskeletal models to inform wearable sensor based joint reaction estimates

Nicole Marie Donahue, University of Vermont

Vibrational Cueing and its Potential to Lessen the Detrimental Effects of Cognitive Tasks on Walking Stability

Isaac Downs

Predictive Modeling of the University of Vermont Women’s Basketball Games

Jennifer L. Eberling, University of Vermont

Beamforming with a 2.4 GHz Tripolar IoT Antenna

Evan Fennelly, University of Vermont

Optimization of a Molecularly-Imprinted Material for Treatment of Biofilm Infections

Aiyana G. Fortin, University of Vermont

Roadway Reclamation and Base Stabilization Technologies

Gillian Paige Gallagher, University of Vermont
Ali Khorasani, University of Vermont

Minimal model of regeneration

Caitlin S. Grasso, University of Vermont

Data Driven Stochastic Models of Wildfire Spread


Transfer Learning Capable Symbolic Regression

Ryan Grindle

Estimating unmeasured muscle excitations using Gaussian process regression

Reed D. Gurchiek, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Ionic Liquid-Grafted Alginate as a Tunable Biomaterial for Nanoparticle Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery

Christine Hamadani, The University of Vermont
Eden Tanner Ph.D., Harvard University
Rachael Oldinski Ph.D., The University of Vermont

Development of a Modular Wearable Sensing Device for Stress Estimation

Blake Hewgill, The University of Vermont

Learning in a Decision Making Process Through Serious Games

Ollin Demian Langle-Chimal, The University of Vermont

GPU-Accelerated Evolutionary Robotics

Sida Liu, University of Vermont
Sam Kriegman, University of Vermont

Detection and classification of connectional silences in palliative care conversations using deep learning

Jeremy E. Matt

Stability of the L4 and L5 Lagrange Points: An Explanation of Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids

Vanessa Myhaver, University of Vermont

Investigation into measuring low levels of cohesion of regolith simulants

Colin J. Palmer, University of Vermont
Brandon Nimberger, University of Vermont
Lane A. Feldeisen, University of Vermont

Robots Made of Robots

Atoosa Parsa, Morphology, Evolution & Cognition Laboratory

Design of an Axial Flux Alternator with PCB-Embedded Stator Coils Using Algorithmic Coil Generation and Optimization

George T. Philbrick, University of Vermont

ARMA Models for Detection of Earthquake-Induced Damage in Instrumented Buildings

Leonardo Pockels, UVM
Reza Filizadeh, UVM

Complex contagion features without social reinforcement in a model of social information flow

Tyson Pond, University of Vermont

Gamma-Band EEG and Pupil Dilation to Negative Words as Biomarkers of Preservative Negative Thinking in Anxiety and Depression: An RDoC Study

Jennifer Powers

Exploring Accessibility and Applications of Laser Cut Contour Topography Maps

Paul Jack Solomon, UVM

Does gender influence interpretations of control complexity via muscle synergy analysis?

Anna Teresa Ursiny, The University of Vermont

Floodplain Reconnection Optimization with 2D HEC-RAS

Lindsay Worley, University of Vermont

Investigation into microbial alteration of extraterrestrial regolith simulants for cementation and induced cohesion in support of NASA’s in-situ resource utilization efforts

Robert L. Worley II, University of Vermont

Software Defined Doppler Radar for LandmineDetection using GA-Optimized Machine Learning

Yan Zhang, UVM