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A Novel Histological Method for Analyzing Cell Morphology within Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Hydrogels

Chloe Becker

Uptake of Targeted Activatable Nanoparticles Detecting Reactive Oxygen Species in vitro

Brooke Bednarke, University of Vermont
Sara Kalb

The Effect of Next-Generation Menin-MLL Inhibitors on Glioblastoma Cell Lines

Ross Buchman, University of Vermont/Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Hyperglycemic attenuation of the innate immune response of the pulmonary system in diabetic patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

Gianna Elizabeth Celenza, University of Vermont

Retrospective Chart Review of Patients in Medication-Assisted Therapy in Their First Year Postpartum to Assess Retention

Hailey Virginia Cray, University of Vermont

Effects of Media Use on Intimate Partner Violence Acceptance in Adolescents

Leianna Catherine Dolce, University of Vermont

Clinical Significance of Serum Cardiac Troponin I Measurements Less Than The 99th Percentile

Jack Dubuque

Examining the Association Between Cannabis Use and Psychosis after Vermont 2018 Change in Marijuana Legislation

Julia E. Hannigan

Increasing Support for Opioid Exposed Newborns: A Quality Improvement Project

Maeve G. Higgins, UVM CNHS

Characterizing STK11 Variants of Unknown Significance Identified in Vermont Patients

Tyler C. Hogan, University of Vermont
Jenna G. Eaton, University of Vermont

Body Mass Index and Atypical Balance as Predictors of Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment Outcomes

Praise O. Iyiewuare, University of Vermont

Structural and functional insights into the recognition of mono- and di-acetyllysine histone tail modifications by the ATAD2 and ATAD2B bromodomains

Kyle P. McLaughlin, University of Vermont

Wearables and Deep Learning Classify Fall Risk from Gait in Multiple Sclerosis

Brett M. Meyer, The University of Vermont

Depressive Symptom Benchmarking within Cardiac Rehabilitation

William A. Middleton

Development of a Psychiatric Risk Score (PRiS) Tool for Psychiatric Patients in Medical Emergency Departments

Owen P. Molind

The Effect of Caloric Balance on Disease Progression and Survival in ALS Patients

Margo Nolan

Intracluster Correlation Coefficients in Healthcare Research

Brennan E. Paradee

Point of Care I-STAT Troponin

Violet Radoncic
Lila Johnson
Alex D'Amico

Prevalence and accuracy of medical alert information on cellular phones

Violet Miyra Radoncic
Lila Johnson

Novel Device for Measuring Lung Function using Oscillometry

Gregory S. Roy, The University of Vermont

Title: A Case of Anaphylaxis Following Topical Black Castor Oil Use.

Davina Tolbert, University of Vermont Robert Larner MD College of Medicine

Preparation and Preservation of Donated Human Skeletal Remains with the use of Dermestid Beetles, Maceration, and Acryloid B-72 Polymer

Merisah Trisciuzzi, The University of Vermont

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Module

Alejandra Vivas Carbo
Nelly Lopez
Morgan Pratt

Antibody Immune Response and Protection after Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Children – A Literature Review

Danielle Wall

Analysis of Word Usage Surrounding Connectional Silences

Joseph M. Wills, The University of Vermont