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Gender Differences in Trauma Symptoms Among Refugees and Trauma Survivors residing in VT .

Aya Cheaito, University of Vermont

The effects of yoga on eating behavior and psychological states

Eliza Corderman

Dominant and Submissive Fantasy and Behavior

Lilian R. Dalton, University of Vermont

Holistic Assessment of Refugee Populations: A Multidisciplinary Assessment and Short-Form Profile

Haley L. Gearwar

Achieving Anorexia: An Improbable but Possible Aspiration Among College-Age Students

Kate L. Goldberg, University of Vermont

Sexual shame and masculinity in men

Matthew Hagberg, University of Vermont

Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services in Refugees

Choeden Lama

How Difficulties Interpreting Emotions Can Affect Relationship Well-Being

Alexander Joesph Lumia

Existential Isolation in the Dominican Republic

Mariel Morel

Honest Placebo Effects on Food Cravings Following a 12-Hour, Overnight Fasting Period

Emily E. Pomichter B.A., UVM
Emma Kilroy, UVM

Measuring Mental Health Stigma on Twitter

Anne Marie Stupinski, University of Vermont

Personality Pathology in Seasonal Affective Disorder

Julia M. Terman

Habit Formation in Behavior Chains: A Comparative Evaluation

Catherine R. Thorpe, UVM

Refugee Parent Status and Mental Health Outcomes

Holly T. Weldon, University of Vermont

Spectatoring Mediates Associations Between Penis Appearance Concerns and Sexual Arousal Difficulties

Robert B. Wyatt, University of Vermont

Is Your Child Even Listening to You?: Relationship between Socialization of Coping and Coping Behavior, Moderated by Physiological Stress Reactivity

Emily E. Young