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Agency in Aging: How the Social Environment of a Retirement Community Shapes Agency among the Elderly

Ian J. Bachand

What Are You Saying to Your Dog, and Why Are You Saying It?: A Pragmatic Exploration of Dog-Related Speech

Alexander V. Benevento

Changing Endowments in the Public Goods Game

Madeleine Bowe, University of Vermont

The Social Acceptability of River Conservation Efforts in Vermont’s Upper Missisquoi Watershed

Meryl Braconnier

Understanding the Impact of Identity on Small Business Social Responsibility

Michael Jared Chan

The Relationship Between National Culture and Urban Resilience

Madison Lee Cilk

Machine Learning for Early Warning of Cyanobacteria Blooms in Lake Champlain

Mahalia B. Clark, University of Vermont

The Impact of Chinese Investment on the Kenyan Economy

Brynn M. Connell

Semantic Prosody of ‘Immigrant’ within Linguistic Registers: Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis

Adeline Crosthwait, The University of Vermont

How Capitalism Seeks to Define the Relationship Between Social Workers and Their Clients

Michele k. Denault, university of Vermont

More than a scholarship: College and career outcomes of Mitchell Institute Promise Scholars

Loren Dow

To Flip or Not to Flip?: The Influence of Individual Cognitive Differences on L2 Russian Acquisition of Verbal Morphology in a Flipped Language Classroom

Katie Esser

Vegetarianism and Veganism as a Form of Everyday Activism in the Age of Climate Change

Olivier K. Everts

Students' beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward e-cigarettes

Mateo Florez

How are Vermont Mathematics Teachers Structuring Learning Scales?

Danielle E. Gaiser, The University of Vermont
Alden R. B. Ducharme, The University of Vermont
Allison R. Dennehy, The University of Vermont

Ethnographic Storytelling: Sharing an Armenian Tradition through Collaborative Digital Media

Tali Gelenian, University of Vermont

Maternal Incarceration: Shackling, Adverse Outcomes and Interventions

Rachel Goldblum

Macroeconomic Effects of High-Bandwidth Neural Lace Technology and Comparative Policy Considerations

Calvin P. Gooley, The University of Vermont

Exploring Incel Language on Reddit

Kelly C. Gothard

Place and Education: Are Access and Outcomes Equitable Across Geographic Locales?

Samuel A. Hagen, The University of Vermont

Bad Blood: Is it more stressful to be victimized by friends than by peers?

Casey Henehan, The University of Vermont
Hannah Ritz, The University of Vermont
Maria Lent, The University of Vermont
Alexandra Sullivan, The University of Vermont
Dianna Murray-Close, The University of Vermont

Methodology and Significance of PTAP’s Analysis of Agricultural Terraces in Petra’s Northern Hinterlands

Jenna N. Ingersoll, University of Vermont

NYC Parks Planning and Development

Allyson Kilcoyne

Examining the Role of Arts Integration in the Classroom for Refugee Students from the Perspective of Teachers

Sarah Lincoln, UVM

Ancient (In)Security in the Upper Salt River Canyon, Arizona

Kailey Loughran, The University of Vermont

Predicting Pro-environmental Behaviors with Climate Change Identity, Belief and Concern using Probabilistic SEM

Roberta Molokandov, University of Vermont

Extend the Grid of Cut the Cord? An analysis of the socioeconomic factors behind grid connectivity versus off-grid solar PV deployment in sub-Saharan Africa.

Payne Morgan, University of Vermont

Associations Between Perceptions of Health and Community Safety With Meeting the Healthy Vermonters’ 2020 Physical Activity Goals

Gail Reid Regan, The University of Vermont

Investigating the Relationship Between Biodiversity and Ranavirus in Vermont Amphibians

Abigail E. Smith, University of Vermont

Repercussions of War on Women and Children

Moirha Smith

Evaluation of research needs and management practices on organic, grass-fed dairy farms in the United States.

Miriam A. Snider, University of Vermont

Alzheimer’s Disease: Personhood, Relationship, and Milieu

Hannah L. Taylor

Hazard Mitigation Planning in the Lake Champlain Basin

Shannon M. Thayer, University of Vermont

Colonialism to Colorism: Implanted Rifts in the Latinx Community and Decolonizing Social work practice

Eddie J. Travieso Jr, The University of Vermont
Isabel Suarez, The University of Vermont