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The Kinetics of SRSM4 G6PD

Zachary Babbitz, UVM

Inferring the demographic history of red spruce (Picea rubens) from chloroplast genome sequences

Katherine Bardsley, University of Vermont

From bycatch to center stage: using incidental catch of forage fish in bottom trawls to inform survey design

Shira A. Berkelhammer, University of Vermont

Bisulfite Pyrosequencing Reveals Conserved DNA Methylation in 5’ AMPK Gene Family Among Beef Cattle and Bison

Suraj Bhattarai, The University of Vermont

Discovering novel protein-protein interactions of Crk/Crkl adaptor proteins in retinal neurodevelopment

Jenna M. Bourdeau, University of Vermont

Determination of the Protein Coding Potential of LncRNA U90926 and its Effect on Adipogenesis

Sydney K. Caldwell

"Fine-scale elevation and temporal variation in communities of Drosophila and their Hymenoptera parasitoids."

Ben Camber

Humpback Whale’s Use of Breeding Ground near Coiba Contreras off the Pacific Coast of Panama

Quinn Chapman
Hannah Larose
Dagny Keltner

Characterizing the Role of EWI-2 Palmitoylation During HIV-1 Infection

Elise A. Courtney, University of Vermont

Developing an Automated Aeroponic Research Tool (AART)

Matthew Crisp, University of Vermont

Genetic rescue of Pten-KO induced hypoexcitability and signaling changes in cortical neurons.

Erin R. Cullen

Effects of PARP1 and PARG inhibition on the Unfolded Protein Response in Glioblastoma

Maddy Czora

CRISPR-Cas9 Mediated Deletion of Glutaredoxin in Lung Epithelial-like Cancer Cells

Alexander D'Amico

Effect of the Dipole Position on the Emission Characteristics in Microcavity Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Ekraj Dahal, The University of Vermont

Targeting Glycogen Metabolism as a Novel Therapeutic Approach in Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer

Cole Dakota Davidson, University of Vermont

Epigenetic evolution in Leptinotarsa decemlineata and histone modifiers effects on resistance

Ethan M. Dean, University of Vermont

Understanding the Role of Flowers in Bee Virus Transmission

Alexandra E. DeFoe, The University of Vermont

Resistance to Ranavirus Disease in Tadpoles

Maddy J. Degelsmith, University of Vermont

Modeling Olive-sided Flycatcher Occupancy in the Northeastern United States

Kayley Dillon, University of Vermont

Disorderly Conduct: Investigating Unstructured Sequence Inserts of Human DNA Polymerase Theta

Lea K. Drogalis Beckham, The University of Vermont

Characterization of Sema6A reverse signaling in zebrafish eye development

Caroline Dumas, University of Vermont

Characterization of Vitamin D Signaling in INS-1 Pancreatic β-cells

Patricio Flores-Bringas, The University of Vermont

Female Productivity and Calf Survivorship of Bottlenose Dolphins (​Tursiops truncatus​) in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Kahlia P. Gonzales
Natalia Swack

Dcbld2 is Essential in Zebrafish Retinal Development

Jacqueline A. Guillemin

Analysis of Small RNAs in Streptococcus mutans Oxidative Stress Response

Matthew J. Hammer, The University of Vermont

Factors that Influence Subcellular Mitochondrial Positioning

Meara Heininger, University of Vermont

Does boat activity influence the acoustic structure of humpback whale songs?

Briana J. Heller

The effects of developmental acclimation on gene expression during temperature shock in Drosophila

Isabel Kaplan, The University of Vermont

Acoustic Structure of False Killer Whale (Pseudorca cassidens) Sounds off The Coast of El Salvador

Samuel Alex Koslowsky, University of Vermont

The role of REV1 in cancer resistance to radiation therapy

Erica N. Lamkin, The University of Vermont
Andrew Crompton, The University of Vermont

Effects of Pesticide Use and Diet on Bee Gut Microbiome

Angela L. Maloney, University of Vermont

Regulation of Cortex Glial Proliferation & Infiltration

Ariana E. Maserejian, The University of Vermont

The rumen metaproteome of dairy cows is affected by dietary fiber and starch content

Bharath Mulakala

Ambient noise levels as an indicator of marine community health: a comparison of protected vs non-protected Areas

Meghan Murphy, University of Vermont

Addressing the DNA Damage Response to Irradiation and PARP1/PARG Inhibitors in Glioblastoma

Riona Kathleen O'Donnell, University of Vermont

Do lunar cycles influence male humpback whale singing behavior?

Franny Oppenheimer, UVM
Megan O'Connor, UVM
Hayley Norton, UVM

Identifying the Impact of Glial Engulfment on Aβ42-induced Nervous System Dysfunction

Zoë A. Paige

Investigation of Potential Differential Mitochondrial Membrane Remodeling between Temperate and Tropical Drosophila melanogaster Populations

Neel V. Patel, UVM

Local adaptation to pH variability in purple sea urchins

Csenge Petak

Epigenetic analysis of Ikaros tumor suppressor function in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Alyssa Richman

Mechanisms of Glial Infiltration

Grace Ross, University of Vermont

A novel lncRNA U90926 increases susceptibility to endotoxic shock

Bristy Sabikunnahar, The University of Vermont

The Relationships between Bacteria Concentration in Connecticut Rivers and Socioeconomic Parameters

Madeline Frances SanAngelo, University of Vermont

Linking mycorrhizal colonization to pollinator behavior and reproductive success in highbush blueberry

Joanna Santoro

Linking mycorrhizal colonization to floral rewards and reproductive success in highbush blueberry

Gretchen Saveson, University of Vermont

Functional Comparison of Toxoplasma and Chicken Skeletal Muscle Actins in Motility Assays Using Toxoplasma Myosin

Mehul H. Shah, The University of Vermont

Impact of forage mixtures on rumen energetics and performance as assessed by continuous culture

Miriam Allison Snider

Hybrid Worker Size Variation Between Interbreeding Desert Seed Harvester Ant Lineages

Michael G. Sofio, The University of Vermont

The effects of the spotted lanternfly on ant and terrestrial slug population in eastern Pennsylvania

Jacob A. Sorrentino, UVM

Hydroxymethylation across the cattle brain

Emily Stassen

Crk adaptor proteins are necessary for the development of the zebrafish retina

Helaina R. Stergas, The University of Vermont

Later developmental stages of Drosophila melanogaster acclimate and function better in response to thermal stress than early developmental stages.

Andrew Karl Stoloff

Impacts of Cultivar and Mycorrhizal Colonization on Acrobasis vaccinii Infestation and Herbivory Damage in Vaccinium corymbosum

Ryan Stuart

The Biological Role of Sulfur and Selenium in Bacterial Translation

Ian R. Sturm, University of Vermont

Geographical Variation of Pantropical Spotted Dolphins Whistle Acoustic Structure

Sydney Tomaseski, University of Vermont

Structural Investigation of Polymerase Theta Helicase-like Domain

Scott H. Vanson, UVM

Investigating the Functional Potential of lncRNA and Protein Encoded by U90926, a Negative Regulator of Adipogenesis

Stella Varnum

Are Marine Protected Areas successfully preserving community level marine biodiversity?

Cecilia Vichi, University of Vermont

The missing linkages between mineral soil organic carbon and litter decomposition

Olivia K. Vought, University of Vermont

Inorganic Phosphate Enhances Systolic and Diastolic Function in Excitable Papillary Muscle and Accelerates Myofilament Relaxation in Response to Lengthening

Jane I. Wakefield

Ericoid Mycorrhizal Fungi Aid in Growth and Reproduction Under Low-Nutrient Conditions

Laney Williams

Effects of KDM1A Inhibition on Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer Cells

Emily R. Wilson, University of Vermont

Epigenetic Rescue of Developmental Timing and Pupation Height under Dietary Stress in Drosophila

Jessica Wright, University of Vermont

Project of Mixed Species Biofilms of Ralstonia and Chryseobacterium

Zirui Zhao, University of Vermont
Matthew Kinahan, University of Vermont

Investigating the effects of multiple predators and hypolimnetic hypoxia on zooplankton migration behavior

Savannah Zigic, University of Vermont