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Developing Methods to Assess Vermont Crop Rarity

Ryan A. Doyle, University of Vermont

How are Vermont Mathematics Teachers Structuring Learning Scales

Alden R. B. Ducharme, The University of Vermont
Danielle E. Gaiser, The University of Vermont
Claire E. Lennon, The University of Vermont

Food Insecurity In Vermont Households, Analysis of association with Tobacco Use, Alcohol Consumption and Physical Incactivity

Hannah R. Kaufman, UVM MPH
Kyleigh Savoie
Emily Belanger
Kijonna Bowman
Darren Childs

Seasonal and Spawning Movements of Walleye (Sander vitreus) in a Fragmented Lake

Alex J. Naccarato, University of Vermont

Reduction and Prevention of Racial Disparities in Youth Justice

William J. Omohundro

Simon Summer Research: The effects of grooming sand stalls in milking cattle, pilot study in Georgia, Vermont.

Mark Louis Sizen, The University of Vermont