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Anthony R. Quintiliani


Prevention, Population-based Care, Patient-based Systems


This evidence based review looked at any correlation between aerobics, running, Qi' gong and mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga. What were their effects if any on depression? The findings from meta-analysis concluded that each in their own way did in fact relieve, improve or prevent signs and symptoms of depression as well as other dysregulatory and co-occurring health concerns like PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, insomnia and addiction issues.

There was a clear correlation that an integrative approach to treatments and therapies needs further research in conventional medicine. Some treatments were found to be as effective if not more so than pharmaceuticals. As health care costs continue to rise, alternative, complementary and integrative cost effective treatments and therapies should be researched and considered. This review helps open the door for policy makers and medical professionals to look at treatment modalities in their own professions.