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Dr. Farryl Bertmann


Kenya, New England, SARD, Communication, Tripartite Partnership


In 2017, a tripartite partnership was formed between a non-profit organization, a University in New England, and a primary school located in a rural region of Kenya. From 2018 to 2020, university students, along with the non-profit organization, traveled to Kenya and conducted several projects with Kenyan stakeholders at a primary school and its related secondary school. These projects were based on a ground-up design in response to the needs of the community, and were adjusted to fit these needs as necessary. These projects came to fruition with discussion and planning amongst the tripartite partners. However, several of these projects have not met their goals over the past five years and/or have been discontinued. Other projects still remain strong, demonstrating self-efficacy and resilience amongst the community of the Kenyan primary school. The Co-Investigator (Co-I) will assess the efficacy and sustainability of this partnership utilizing five stakeholder interviews and the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (SARD) project toolkit.