The Influence of Technology on Teaching Practices at a Catholic School

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Journal of Catholic Education

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Swallow, M. J. (2017). The Influence of Technology on Teaching Practices at a Catholic School. Journal of Catholic Education, 20 (2).


Supporting 21st century skill development calls for necessary changes in teaching practices to encourage contemporary learning outcomes. Research points toward technology integration as a catalyst for supporting shifting pedagogies necessary to enhance learning. As many Catholic educators and leaders are attempting to re-shape Catholic school learning for the 21st century, the Catholic school context provides a unique opportunity to understand technology integration and teaching practices. To address the need of understanding the development of teaching practices of Catholic educators in a digital age, this qualitative multiple-case study examines teaching practices of four middle-level Catholic school educators during a one-to-one technology initiative. Individual and cross-case analysis of the data revealed two considerable themes with regard to technology and 21st century thinking and enactment: shifting classroom dynamics influenced pedagogical approaches; and content played a central role in technology integration and instruction.