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Concrete is a principal component of many transportation structures. While highly durable, a variety of processes degrade and damage concrete. Replacement is expensive. Many cases warrant repair instead of replacement. Since many damage processes are progressive, early and properly timed repairs can reduce costs. Overall lifetime cost of ownership approach to selection and design of repairs has merit, but requires good information about costs and outcomes. There is a possibility that effective timing and application of repairs can be of great benefit to maintenance activities – including lifetime costs and rapid techniques that allow for expedited designs of repairs and minimizing repair times. The specific objectives of this research were to: (1) Assess present practices of concrete repair – This will establish what is being done in Vermont and elsewhere. (2) Develop flow chart of decision-making and options for repair practice and evaluation – This will create a guide with recommendations for maintenance personnel and engineers. (3) Develop procedures for integrating repair options and decisions into asset management – This will aid in reducing lifetime costs of ownership and assist in statewide maintenance planning. (4) Recommend areas for further study and tech transfer to make cost effective repairs.