University of Vermont Transportation Research Center

Chittenden County Housing Location Dissonance Study

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This study focuses on understanding the potential impacts of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs), and the burgeoning trend of remote work on individuals' housing location choices and travel behavior. The central question we evaluate is if AVs, EVs, and remote work are likely to increase or decrease travel demand in Chittenden County. To address this question, our research employs the theoretical construct of "housing dissonance." This notion encapsulates the prevailing dissatisfaction that individuals frequently encounter with their current housing, including the structure itself and the surrounding community. This analytical framework functions as a perspective through which to investigate how the merging of AVs, EVs, and remote work might have the potential to mitigate this dissatisfaction by reducing travel related constraints on housing location choice, thereby empowering individuals to shift toward living situations that more closely resonate with their aspirations.