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The Vermont Connection

Donate to TVC

The Vermont Connection is made possible by the generous support of HESA faculty, the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Vermont and our robust HESA alumni/ae network. TVC journal production and printing, conference receptions and professional and social development opportunities are all fully funded by HESA friends and family.

Every year, the Full Board hosts the annual TVC Phone-a-Thon. Phone-a-thon is an opportunity for HESA students to call alumni/ae of the HESA program to help raise money for next year's journal and other expenses related to the development of the Full Board. TVC also collects donations at any time throughout the year.

To donate online:

  1. Visit https://alum.uvm.edu/foundation/giving/cess/
  2. Input your gift amount.
  3. In the gift category, mark the “Other” box and type VTCONN to ensure that the gift makes it to TVC.
  4. Input donor information.
  5. Verify gift and enter payment card.
  6. Finalize your donation and receive a receipt

TVC greatly appreciates your support!