The Vermont Connection


For years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. I have a history of self-deprecation, as well as a lack of believing in being worthy of being truly loved. I have suffered, and I have triumphed on this journey. Brown’s (2010) TEDTalk surrounding shame and vulnerability spoke directly to my heart. This essay will contain those who have words that help me heal. It will focus on how I have or have not made strides to create my own meaning. The content will come from my core. It will encompass the transition and rollercoaster that is my journey to becoming “enough.” I will focus on my background, the story of my mother and I, discovering the possibility of being “enough”, and where I am today. Examining these components and briefly considering theories by Ruthellen Josselson will illuminate who I am and why I am. I say all of this to illuminate the drive behind this scholarly personal narrative. This is my truth.