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Background: Physicians today need a working knowledge of pertinent medical law. With an increased focus on patients’ rights in health care, states are encouraged to set specific laws protecting patients. The additional medical legislation places a challenge on physicians to continually update their medical-legal acumen such as disease reporting, malpractice issues, and medical information access.Little research has been conducted on physicians’ knowledge of the law and medicine. In an effort to expand upon these topics and to find an efficient way to make information about the law and medicine accessible to Vermont physicians, the University of Vermont College of Medicine partnered with the Vermont Board of Medical Practice to answer the following questions: • How well do Vermont physicians understand laws that relate to the practice of medicine? • How do Vermont physicians access nformation on law and medicine? • What topics are most relevant and important to Vermont physicians? • What educational methods willbe effective and how can the Vermont Board of Medial Practice best serve such education needs?


Jan Carney, MD, MPH, University of Vermont College of Medicine

Virginia Hood, MBBS, MPH, University of Vermont College of Medicine

William Wargo, MSW, JD, Vermont Department of Health


Vermont Department of Health Board of Medical Practice


Access to Health Services, Educational and Community-Based Programs, Public Health Infrastructure


Presented at the Vermont/New Hampshire ACP Meeting, October 2009.

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What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Communicating Health Law with Vermont Physicians