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Summer 6-2019


The 2017 season followed the record-breaking crop of 2016. As the 2017 season approached, business owners remained apprehensive about bulk market prices. Rumors of strong crop inventories paired with softening prices continued to concern producers. The US tap count continues to grow but at a slightly slower rate than previous years. The most current maple statistics are available from the United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA NASS).

The 2017 Maple Business Benchmark is the fifth year of financial record analysis for a small group of commercial syrup producers. This report demonstrates key management and financial metrics including: yield statistics, land use, operating costs, investment requirements, total cost of production, marketing strategy and net income. The participants represent a small sample of the entire Vermont maple industry. Methods for this project and our reported observations, however, can compel maple business managers to think about their particular business situations. Maple managers can use the cost analysis methods presented here to analyze their own business and then assess the changes in their individual performance from year to year.

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