Date of Award

Spring 5-2016

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Teresa Mares

Amy Trubek

Project Description

This project is based on the Vermont Folklife Center’s research documenting grassroots food and agriculture in Vermont. The Library of Congress Archie Green Fellowship generously funded this research. Over the course of approximately 18 months, the research team traveled across Vermont to conduct 22 qualitative interviews with a cross-section of Vermont’s food system stakeholders. Additionally, the team dedicated 6 site visits to capturing photographic, audio, and video content from a variety of food producers. The ultimate goal of this research is to create a traveling exhibit featuring the story of Vermont’s modern, changing food system.

This report is designed to help inform members of the Vermont Folklife Center and others involved in their work about the potential and recommended approaches to executing an exhibit for their Archie Green Fellowship project. The intention is for this report to become a resource for all involved with the Archie Green Project.

Project Approach