Date of Award

Winter 1-2022


Dr. Amy Trubek

Dr. Lizzy Pope

Dr. Cynthia Belliveau

Project Description

With misinformation regarding nutrition and health only a few clicks away, the need for increased nutrition education from reputable sources is pressing. (Krishna & Thompson, 2021) The integration of culinary education as a compliment to an introductory nutrition course may provide enhanced learning and improve food agency. (Pherson-Geyser et al., 2020; Trubek B. et al., 2017) This project edited the current University of Vermont NFS 095 Cooking for Health curriculum to be a 1-credit class that serves as a complimentary course to the University of Vermont NFS 043 Intro to Nutrition. As a method of creating impact in the community, six information sheets were created for a non-specialized audience based on the six lab classes of the course. These resources will then be shared via university outlets and other media sources.

Project Approach


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