Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2018


Dr . David Conner

Dr. Vernon Grubinger

Project Description

This research discovers what are the shared barriers Northeast producers engaged in the institutional market consistently face and what enables them to establish, maintain and strengthen a sales relationship with institutions. The findings can help producers understand the challenges and opportunities, how and when to approach, and provide strategies to enhance their success with the institutional market. The research concludes with implications for non-grower farm-to-institution stakeholders.

The common challenges producers faced in establishing, maintaining and strengthening institutional sales relationships included buyers who focus on low price points, uncommitted buyers, food service management companies, demand for processed products and laws and regulations. Producers have been able to overcome some or all of these barriers with institutions through having wholesale experience and systems that allow producers to better access and serve institutional markets because of the product consistency, and lower price points they can provide. Producers have successfully established, maintained and strengthened relationships with champion buyers through effective initial and on-going communication that result in product satisfaction.

Project Approach

Scholarly research

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