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Honors College Thesis


Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Honors College

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Dr. Dryver Huston


UAV, Drone, Landslide


The monitoring of landslides and other geological hazards poses a physical challenge for researchers when the hazards are located in physically remote areas. Unmanned aerial devices (UAVs) equipped with camera-type sensors have been successfully used for environmental monitoring for the past decade, providing accurate surface data in a timely and cost-effective manner. While satellite imaging and aerial photography are an essential part of landslide management, some of the sensors employed by researchers are ground-based instruments. This project investigates the feasibility of using a modified unmanned aerial device equipped with an innovative grabber device to deploy and retrieve ground-based landslide monitoring equipment. The idea for this project emerged after a devastating landslide site in Mount Mansfield State Forest, VT, in the spring of 2019 that washed away access trails. Testing of the grabber device is still underway.

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