In 2023, a small forest landowner in central Vermont enrolled 140 acres in the Family Forest Carbon Program[FFCP], engaging his local forestland in combating global warming.

FFCP is a collaboration of The Nature Conservancy and American Forest Foundation, developed to offer small landowners the opportunity to engage their asset in carbon sequestration locally.

This poster presents the experience of a small forest owner's process in entering a twenty year contract to manage a small woodlot under the direction of FFCP while enrolled with the state UVA program, also known as Current Use.

Challenges to the process, advantages/downsides, future perspectives are explored in this poster, from a citizen landowner experience.

This parcel is representative of hill forests that hosted early European settlers, later abandoned farm use, and later harvested for maximum ROI prior to enrollment for long-term forestry improvement guided by consulting foresters in coordination with Vermont's Current Use Program.


Presented at the 2023 Forest Systems Economic Monitoring Conference, University of Vermont.


forests, carbon sequestration, Vermont, Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative, FEMC, Family Forest Carbon Program, forestland, climate change, climate solutions

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