As noted in IFLA/FAIFE's April 2000 report entitled Libraries in Kosova/Kosovo, 'library professionals in Kosova face a major task to reconstruct library buildings and re-establish library services at all levels.' Dartmouth Medical School (New Hampshire, USA) is partnering with University of Prishtina in leading an initiative to:

• Establish a centralized library and information technology center to serve the needs of University of Prishtina medical faculty, students and librarians;

• Implement and foster a university high speed information technology structure to support medical education, research and patient care;

• Train University of Prishtina medical faculty, librarians and students to effectively introduce and integrate information technology into teaching, research and patient care.

Initially, we strive to establish in the libraries and information technology structure by cultivating faculty and librarian leaders of a library and information technology center. As we develop sustainability in local structure, progress will continue in the development of a central library and information technology center. Concluding this stage of redevelopment, training will take place to teach medical faculty and students employing information technology.


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