During the 2020-2021 academic year, our organization undertook a strategic effort to improve our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices with the goal of creating a more diverse organization. Paramount in this effort was the development of a set of best practices to be used by our institution to ensure that our hiring practices promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. This poster will detail the processes we undertook to fundamentally rethink hiring and share best practices that we developed so that other institutions can apply these same principles.

Attendees will be able to describe how a strengths-based mindset and an interview process that centers the needs of candidates can result in a stronger and more diverse applicant pool. Attendees will be able to give examples of best practices that could be used for inclusive recruiting and support diversity and equity. After attending, attendees will be able to create elements of a strengths-based hiring process that could be implemented at their own institutions.


library, diversity equity and inclusion, hiring practices

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