Brown mid-rib (BMR) corn has a lower lignin content than other silage corn varieties. The lower lignin content increases the fiber digestibility (NDF digestibility) of the corn silage. Increases in NDF digestibility lead to increased in dry matter intake, milk production, milk protein content, and better body condition. Several studies have reported that for every one percentage point increase in NDF digestibility fed to dairy cattle there will be a 0.50 lb per day increase in milk production. Feeding BMR corn silage is a means to increase NDF digestibility and milk production. Since 2010, the University of Vermont Extension Northwest Crops & Soils program has conducted research trials to evaluate BMR corn silage varieties. In 2012, the trial included 10 varieties from three different seed companies. While the information presented can begin to describe the yield and quality performance of these BMR corn varieties in this region, it is important to note that the data represent results from only one season and one location. Compare other hybrid performance data before making varietal selections.


Vermont, University of Vermont

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