In 2019, the corn silage hybrid evaluation program received 75 entries from 14 seed brands. Hybrid evaluation at multiple environments helps in decision making and expands the reach of this type of data to more farmers. With this in mind Cornell, UVM, and seed companies collaborate to provide this robust evaluation. Hybrids were either entered into the 80-95 day relative maturity (RM) group (Early-Mid) and were tested at two locations in NY (n = 26; Hu-Lane Farm in Albion and the Willsboro Research Farm in Willsboro) and one location in VT (n = 26; Borderview Farm in Alburgh) or were entered into the 96-110 day relative maturity group (Mid-Late) and were tested at two locations in NY (n = 49; Greenwood Farms in Madrid and the Musgrave Research Farm in Aurora) and one location in VT (n = 49; Borderview Farm in Alburgh). Weather data, growing degree days (GDD; 86-50°F system) and precipitation, both for the current year and long term averages, can be found in Tables 1a and 1b for trial locations.

The NY and VT corn silage evaluation program is made possible with support from dairy producers, participating seed companies, Cornell University, the University of Vermont, the New York Corn Growers Corn Research and Education Program, the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, and the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station. Seed companies were invited to submit hybrids into either maturity group (three locations per maturity group) for a fee.


Vermont, University of Vermont, New York, Cornell University, corn, corn hybrid

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