Variety selection is one of the most important agronomic decisions that sunflower growers make about their crop each season, especially in Vermont where the relatively short growing season limits available choices. Sticking with a tried and true variety is often difficult because new varieties are released every year while familiar ones are discontinued, and seed companies release new traits that may or may not influence yield. To help area farmers make the best decisions, UVM Extension conducted replicated variety trials at Borderview Reseach Farm in Alburgh, VT during the 2010-growing season. The trial evaluated fourteen varieties with varying maturity dates, seed sizes, and trait information, as listed in table 2. All varieties are non-GMO hybrids. The varieties Croplan 306 and Croplan 3080 were not treated with a seed fungicide or insecticide. All others were treated with the CruiserMaxx treatment package, which contains Thiamethoxam (broad-spectrum insecticide), Azoxystrobin (fungicide), Fludioxonil (fungicide), and Mefenoxam (fungicide).


Vermont, University of Vermont

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