In the summer of 2017, the UVM Extension Northwest Crops and Soils team conducted a trial to determine the potential nitrogen (N) fertility value of cricket frass. Currently, there is an emerging trend of farming crickets to produce high protein food products such as snack bars, protein shakes and powder products. This trend of farming crickets for their high protein content is creating a surplus of cricket frass. Cricket frass is the term used for the excrement of the cricket and is a byproduct of the cricket protein industry. The organic material contains cricket feces, shed exoskeletons, and waste feed. In recent years, several companies have been producing well balanced (2-2-2) organic fertilizers composed of this byproduct. Agronomic research is needed to help farmers succeed in using cricket frass as an alternative fertilizer source. This trial tested cricket frass as an N amendment in sweet corn with two rates of application compared to a control. We evaluated sweet corn yield and soil nitrate (NO3-) levels to determine impact of the cricket frass on the crop and soil.



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